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Your Guide to Daily Hashtagging

There are some hashtags that pop up week after week, without fail!


Sometimes you need a little bit of #MondayMotivation to get you out of bed in the mornings, especially if its going to be another #ManicMonday. Nothing will shake off the #MondayBlues though, like a quick stalk of your #MCM. But if that doesn't cheer you up, we know something else that will, use #MeowMonday to share a cute snap of your cat.


Here's a #TuesdayTip for you, head down to the shops and buy yourself a #TuesdayTreat in honour of #TuesdayShoeDay. Or if you've been busy hitting the gym #TransformationTuesday is the perfect opportunity to show off your gains. Oh and try not to get too jealous of all of the #TuesdayTravel snaps that will be popping up in your feed.


Happy #HumpDay everyone. Chances are, people will be trying to share a lot of #WednesdayWisdom today. If you're feeling nostolgic, take a trip down memory lane with #WaybackWednesday or simply search #WCM to admire the beautiful and inspiring women of Instagram.


A lot on your mind? Share some of your #ThursdayThoughts. Today is also the perfect opportunity to go on a #ThursDate, after all it is #ThirstyThursday.


#TGIF! What are your #FridayNight plans? It's almost the weekend, so you're probably going to have a lot of #FridayFun. If you've got that #FridayFeeling why not recommend a friend as a #FollowFriday, or tell your followers what you’re reading with #FridayReads.


Because our feline friends rule the internet, of course #Caturday is a thing. If you're getting ready for a night of #SaturdayShenanigans make sure that you share a #SexySaturday selfie to showcase your #SaturdaySwag in all its glory.


If you're enjoying a #LazySunday in bed, don't forget to share an obligatory #SundaySelfie - it would rude not to!

Words: Dan Flay

Image via Girlfriend

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