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November 16, 2016

We count down the five best portable chargers, so that you'll never have to suffer a flat battery again. 







 1. Skinny Dip Lightning Bolt Portable Charger


Need to charge your phone at lightning speed? This cute and compact design will easily slot into handbags and jacket pockets, so that you'll never never get caught with a flat phone battery.


2. Hyper Pearl Mirror and USB Battery Pack


Top up your make up or battery anywhere with this dual-purpose pocket mirror. This cutting-edge compact doubles as a USB battery pack - what more could you wish for? 


3. Urban Outfitters Slim Marble Portable Phone Charger


This ultra-slim design has a stylish marble finish. Pop it in your bag on the way out of the house to ensure an extra 3-4 hours of Spotify, selfies and Snapchat. 


4. Unicorn Power Bank


Do you believe in magic? Because this enchanting unicorn power bank is the stuff of dreams. Not only will it provide you with hours of extra charge, it's also shaped like our favourite emoji. 


5. Hot Pink Glitter Portable Charger


Never underestimate the power of pink. Complete with a convenient carrying pouch, this portable charger will keep your device topped up on the move. 


Words: Dan Flay



















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