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OOTD Photo Tips

April 10, 2018

Daniel Flay reveals his top tips for a standout OOTD shot.                                             




A new outfit naturally calls for a mini social media shoot. Keep those double-taps coming with the following tips and tricks...


Create Movement


Don't be afraid to move around in front of the camera. A simple step forward or motion of an arm will help to bring your snaps to life and eradicate any awkward looking poses. 


Lighting is Key


In the immortal words of Tyra Banks 'find your light'. Lighting can make or break an OOTD picture, so it's really important to ensure that you're well lit at all times and your face is free of shadows.  


Know Your Angles 


Find the angle that works best for you. Shooting from below can add extra height but there's also something quite flattering about being photographed from above - find what works best for you.


Tweak Your Look


When an outfit just doesn't seem to translate well in pictures, a bulldog clip is many an influencer's secret weapon. Pull and pin your clothes to create the most flattering silhouette. 


Location, Location, Location


Choose a backdrop that suits the aesthetic of your feed and try not to let things get too repetitive. A fresh new location every now and then is a sure fire way to keep your followers double tapping. 


Take LOTS of Photos 


The more photos you take, the greater chance you have of liking one (trust us). There's no shame in asking someone to take a few extra snaps. Keep checking in to see what does and doesn't work. 


Confidence is Key


To some, shooting in busy public spaces can be a little daunting but don't like any pre-shoot jitters stop you from nailing your shot. The more confident you appear, the less people will care. 


Practice Makes Perfect


The more pictures you take, the more relaxed you'll become in front of the camera. You'll soon discover which poses work best for you and the types of images that perform best on Instagram. 


Take a Seat


OOTD shots don't always have to be taken standing up. Casually draping yourself on a sofa or lounging on the floor can be a great way to showcase long romantic dresses.


Use The Outtakes 


Want to look natural and candid? Why not use an outtake. What better way to avoid looking forced and overly posed than with on of those offbeat in-between snaps. 


Buddy Up


Partner up with an equally stylish pal for maximum social impact. Mutual tagging will not only spread the love, but your Instagram likes too. 


Looking Back


Whether you're working a sultry backless dress or a logo-emblazoned tee, don't forget to give the back of your outfit some love on social too.


Words: Daniel Flay

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