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Secret Snapchat Hacks

Five life-changing Snapchat hacks that will transform the way you snap.

Love to snap? Most users aren’t aware that there are loads of hidden features just waiting to be unlocked.

Snapchat hacks

Even if you’re the snap-happiest of people, we could probably still teach you a thing or two. For example, did you know that you can unlock hidden colours or find out who’s not following you back?

The following hacks are guaranteed to transform the way that you use Snapchat forever (or at least until the next update).

1. Get More Text On Your Snaps

We all know the frustration from running out of space to type. Luckily, there’s a secret text trick that allows you to override the character limit. All you have to do is open the Notes app. Tap the Return key a couple of times and then press Select All. Once you’ve done this, copy and paste your blank space into the Snapchat text box. Et voila.

2. Make Your Own Filters

Nick Grimshaw created his for his backstage coverage of the Brit Awards, while Gigi Hadid celebrated her 21st with her very own Birthday filter in Vegas. But it’s not just celebrities that can make their own Snapchat filter. To create yours, head over to the Snapchat website and follow the instructions online.

3. Get Creative with Zoom

Ever wondered how people create such detailed works of art on Snapchat? It takes a lot more than just patience and a steady hand, that’s for sure! Clued-up Snapchat artists rely on a clever zoom hack to ensure that every single piece of their iPhone art is perfect. If you fancy giving this trick a go, head over to Settings > General > Accessibility, at the top of the page, under the Vision section, you should see Zoom - tap here to turn it on and away you go.

4. Unlock Hidden Colours

If you fancied doodling in black, white or pink, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a whole spectrum of hidden colours, just waiting to be discovered. Tap the pen icon in the top right corner of your snap and drag your finger from the rainbow colour chart to each corner of your phone screen to add a little light and shade to your story.

5. Find Out Who’s Not Following You Back

To discover who’s not following you back, tap the ghost icon and press Add Friends, then Add by Username. Next type in the person's username and hold your finger down. If you can't see their snap score, it means they're not following you back.

Words by Dan Flay

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