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The Secret to Scheduling Repins

Scheduling to Pinterest? You Need Viraltag.

Establishing yourself as a Pinterest influencer can be tough, especially if you're managing multiple accounts across various different platforms. This is why pinning tools like Viraltag are a must for rising social media stars.

As well as sourcing imagery, there's also the arduous task of repinning and planning posts, all of which can prove pretty challenging at times.

On average users should post around 10 pins a day, a job which can be incredibly time-consuming to complete without the help of the right tool kit.

Although there are many Pinterest tools on the market, Viraltag is one of the only visual marketing platforms we've found that allows users to schedule repins. On Pinterest there's always something new to read or be inspired by, which is why this tool is so useful. Scheduling repins allows you to engage your audience at key times to make sure users get the most out of your content.

One of the platform's best features is its evergreen content option, allowing users to upload content, which is then automatically posted during an empty or unscheduled slot, or at peek times according to the Pinterest algorithm.

Words: Dan Flay

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