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Our Top 3 Regramming Hacks

Discover the best ways to repost photos on Instagram.

© Tommy Ton via Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform, but there are still a whole host of handy features that we long for. On the top of our wish list is the functionality to regram other users in-app.

Although this can't be done directly through Instagram itself, there are a ton of third-party apps that you can turn to for help.


If like O Mighty, regrams are a part of your brand's user-generated content strategy, unsightly repost banners might ruin the aesthetic of your feed, which is why sharing posts manually could be the best option for you. This way you can re-edit posts and play with filters to ensure that regrammed photos compliment the rest of your feed. Don't forget to credit the person whose photo you're sharing by adding “Regram: @username” or “📷 : @username” to the caption.


If you're happy to share an image directly from a user's profile without any amends, Hootsuite might be the best option for you. Hootsuite users can can easily repost images via the platform's main dashboard or mobile app. The text box will even automatically add the original caption (which you can edit as you please) as well as a photo credit (📷 : @username). Alongside Instagram you can also choose other social networks that you'd like to repost the photo to.

Repost for Instagram

For Instagrammers who really want to get the message across, Repost for Instagram is ideal for adding banners to images and videos. Once you've found an image that you'd like to share simply tap "..." at the top right of the picture and select "copy share URL". The next time you open Repost the image will automatically appear and you can position the banner anywhere you please, before heading back to Instagram to share the post.

Words by Dan Flay

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