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Latest Obsession: Planoly

Dan Flay shares his thoughts about the much-hyped social media planning tool, Planoly.

A lot goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency, and here at The Fashion Digital it's no different. Planning, curating, arranging, captioning and reworking content for clients is a part of our daily routine, however this seemingly straight-forward task used to be a lot more time-consuming before Planoly came into our lives.

Dubbed 'the first visual planner for Instagram', the app allows you to mock-up feeds with its handy drag-and-drop feature. As many social media editors will know, so much more work goes into a feed than simply snapping, filtering and uploading straight to the gram. Planoly allows you to quickly and easily design the most aesthetically pleasing feed, without the need for Photoshop or any other kind of third-party scheduling tools (believe us, we've tried them all).

One of the app's most useful features is the ability to upload photos and videos directly from your computer, Dropbox, or phone - which means no more flitting between devices in search of that allusive image that you then need to square-off and email to yourself, before adding it to your photoshopped feed - I'm sure that we're not the only ones guilty of this.

The app's clean and simple design, not only makes it incredibly straight forward to use, but it's also fantastic when emailing feeds to clients for approval. Oh and you can even upload GIFs via the web dashboard without converting them to mp4 files first - another huge coup.

The app has enabled us to 'work smarter' and streamlined our workload. If you download just one social media tool this year, make sure its Planoly. It really is a game changer.

Words: Dan Flay

Image via Planoly

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