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Add to Basket: Health and Wellbeing Apps

We bring you our edit of the best iPhone health and wellbeing apps.

Ditch your gym membership and download one of these exercise apps instead. From on-demand personal training to the latest zombie fitness craze, these five health and wellbeing apps will make you want to workout time and time again.

Dubbed 'Uber for personal trainers'. TruBe is the must-have fitness app for urbanites on-the -go. Whether you're a fan of boxing or yoga, a specialist personal trainer is only a few taps away.

Packed full of helpful hints and tips, tutorials and all of your favourite workout videos, Pop Sugar Active delivers killer exercise routines and quick ab-crunching workouts straight to the palm of your hand.

Turn exercise into a game. If this doesn't give you the motivation to slip on your Roche Runs, we don't know what will. Zombies, Run! is an immersive audio adventure, designed to put the fun back into your workouts.

Overhaul your health and wellbeing with a single app. No matter what your goals, Lifesum's expert fitness guides, nutritional advice, meal plans and workout reminders, make it easier than ever to keep fit.

Need some motivation to wake up and do #YogaEveryDamnDay? Asana Rebel is the push you need. Find the right poses for you, whether you want to work on your abs and stomach, or simply need a relaxing moment to yourself.

Words: Dan Flay

Image via TruBe

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