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Ask The Experts: Books & Podcasts for Girl Bosses

Discover the books and podcasts that girl bosses just can't seem to get enough of.

Need something to listen to or read on your way to work? There are some amazing books and podcasts available at the moment, offering inspiration and career advice to a new generation of girl bosses, so grab your phone and download one of these female-led podcasts or must-read books.

Ella Gregory, Founder, Coco’s Tea Party

'I've just got into Modern Love, which is the New York Times podcast. I listen to the Lively Show as well. She's done some great interviews. The interview with Brooke Castillo was amazing - it's about how your thoughts are not facts, and how you can be happier just by changing the way you think about things. Her interview with Alex Ikon was really inspiring as well.'

Dina Fierro, Global Director, Digital, Christian Louboutin

'First and foremost, I love Garance [Doré], I really respect her as a creative and I think her podcast is just such an authentic quest for thoughtful conversation. I also listen to The Glossy Podcast, which is fashion and media specific. The Moth is incredible. I also love Alec Baldwin's podcast Here’s the Thing. He chooses very interesting subjects.'

Katie Rose, Director of The Bridge Co

'Right now, my bedside table is filled with business books. I recently finished Lean In, and I’ve got Linzi Boyd’s book, Brand Famous: How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business. I love the idea of one day having a library in my forever house, with the ladder that goes around the walls.'

Interviews by Natalie Hughes; compiled by Dan Flay

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