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Five to Follow: Instagram Artists

Five Insta artists you should follow right away.

Instagram is changing that way that fashion moments are shared and artists are using the platform to be more creative than ever before. From illustrators to graphic designers and everyone else creative in between, here are five of our favourites to hit follow on.

© Rachel Ryle via Instagram

Rachel Ryle brings her illustrations to life through charming animations. Keep an eye out for some of her most stylish posts including the history of fashion, her designer collaborations and her ever-so cute seasonal shorts.

© Giulia Scalese via Instagram

Giulia Scalese has taken flay lay photography to a whole new level with her funky still-life images and animations. Be warned though, you'll want to buy everything that's featured on this beautifully shot and carefully curated page.

© Phillip Nuveen via Instagram

Dubbed the master of luxury miniatures, artist Philip Nuveen recreates iconic designer pieces in pocket-size form. From mini Chanel handbags to tiny Goyard trunks, you'll be pleased to hear that Nuveen's luxury creations boast pint-sized price tags to match.

© Tanya Ling via Instagram

Tanya Ling likes to think outside the box...literally. The artist famed for her fashion illustrations utilises Instagram's grid format to produce awe-inspiring collages that combine illustration, painting, sculpture and photography.

© Unskilled Worker via Instagram

For Unskilled Worker Instagram is part of her artistic process. Through her engaging and distinctive style, the self-taught artist shares her unique interpretation of fashion designs. Think strong lines, vivid colours and beautifully layered images.

Words by Dan Flay

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