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Pinterest Launches New 'Shop The Look' Feature

Pinterest has joined forces with ShopStyle Collective to launch an exciting new feature.

In a groundbreaking move, Pinterest has teamed up with ShopStyle Collective to allow users to shop the products featured in their favourite fashion and homeware Pins.

Any Pin that features a small blue circle is 'Shop the Look' enabled, which means that users are only a few taps away from making an online purchase. The update comes as Pinterest takes steps to make the platform a more desirable place for online shoppers. The aim of 'Shop the Look' is to turn inspirations into actual purchases, and close the gap between discovering a product online and buying it.

Not only is this update great news for consumers, it’s also a plus for influences and bloggers who use platforms like ShopStyle Collective. By promoting their content (and affiliate links) in this way, there's a greater opportunity that their posts will seen by an even wider audience, and ultimately convert.

In order to be featured, ShopStyle users will need to create an Instagram Shop for their blog using the site's Looks & Collections tool and continue to create daily looks, ensuring to tag the relevant retailers.

Currently only a handful of stores are featured, such as Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales, but Pinterest is already working on adding more retailers to this list.

To discover more about the partnership click here.

Words by Dan Flay

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