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TFD Tips: Creative Ways to Switch Up Your Instagram Feed

We spotlight five ways to give your Instagram feed a makeover.

© Valentina Valdinoci via Street Style Stars

Instagram isn't just about sharing nice photos anymore. Nowadays the look and feel of your feed is just as important as how many likes your last upload received. If you're in need of some advice when it comes to freshening up your Insta grid, give one of these tips a go...

Add Quotes

Why not throw some quotes into the mix? Adding a quote tile every 3 or 6 posts will create a consistent pattern in your feed. You don't have to be a photoshop wiz either. There are loads of great apps like WordSwag, InstaQuote and Over that you can use to help create your word art.

The Rule of 3

Keep your feed in sync by continuously alternating between 3 different styles of post i.e. a selfie, a flat lay, and an inspiration shot. This is a really simple way to ensure that your feed looks strong both colour-wise and visually.

Create a Scene

Use your feed to tell a story. Choose a product to feature and create a scene in three parts across an entire row of your Insta grid. Adding look book images, influencer regrams and a well-styled product shot is a really interesting way to spotlight key products.

Think Outside the Box

Spreading an image across two squares/rows of your feed is a visually interesting way to switch things up. Because of the way that Instagram works, the images will always remain on top of each other, just don't forget that you have to wait 3 squares before you can post the second part.

Change Your Colour Scheme

Sharing posts with a similar colour scheme and the same filter is a surefire way to build a more cohesive feed. By opting for colours like black, white, and grey, you'll achieve strong, sleek finish.

Words by Dan Flay

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