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TFD Tips: User Generated Instagram Content

Learn how to utilise user generated content to create the perfect Instagram feed.

User generated content (UGC) can be a huge opportunity when it comes to marketing. People engage with it more freely, better trust its authenticity and are much more likely to take action. Whether this is your first time experimenting with UGC or not, these tips will really help to improve your results.

1. Choose A Hashtag

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get users to supply you with content? Encourage them to tag their photos with a hashtag. Then, you can choose the best ones and use them on your own social accounts. Just remember to get their permission first.

2. Make Your Product ‘Instagrammable’

Your product needs to be unique, personal and highly shareable. If your product lends itself to Instagram, you’ll have no problem finding user generated content. If it doesn’t, find a way for users to add value to it. UGC is all about adding new voices into the mix.

3. Get Your Website Involved

Sometimes, you might find that you’re struggling to get users excited about submitting their own content. The solution? First, create a landing page on your website for submissions. Second, find a way to make a promotion out of it.

4. Make Sharing Mutually Beneficial

If users are going to generate content for you, they want to be flattered and excited that you’re interested in their posts. Otherwise, they won’t submit them. You need to offer something in exchange for a user’s efforts. A shout-out. A follow. A voucher. There are loads of different ideas.

5. Don’t Stop Producing Your Own Content

UGC is simple and really effective. But that doesn’t mean you should stop creating your own content. Try to keep a good balance. This way, you’ll be more in control of your brand narrative. You’ll also be able to keep your audience more informed when it comes to any news or upcoming events.

Words by Holly Sutton

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