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How to Photograph Products for Instagram

From lighting to backgrounds, these five tips will help you to up your product photography game on Instagram.

If you sell anything online, taking photos of your products for Instagram is a must. Great photos can set you apart and convince a customer that your item is worth adding to their basket.

There are a few key things you can think about while taking product photos. Follow these five steps to make your images count and keep your customers coming back for more.

1. Think About Who You’re Marketing To

Every customer wants to see detail, quality, and function. Show your products in action. Selling a planner? Show the inside pages. Selling enamel pins? Show them on an item of clothing. Photograph what you would want to see as the potential customer.

2. Show The Details

The designs for your iPhone cases may be hand drawn. You might include a customised quote card with every print you sell. Don’t leave out the details. These are the things worth mentioning and will definitely impress the customer.

3. Get Your Lighting Right

Good lighting is a must. Try to avoid light that will change the appearance of your products. Whether you use a light box or stick to natural lighting, there are plenty of tutorials online. Instagram loves clean, bright photos, so make sure yours match this description.

4. Show Different Perspectives

From close up or further away, from the front or from above - the possibilities are endless. Move around when taking your product photos. You don’t want to leave a customer wondering, so cover every single angle you can think of.

5. Consider Your Background

The photo is about your product, not the background. Stick to neutral backgrounds that really showcase your product. Plus, this will also give you strong consistency across your Instagram feed. When someone goes to your profile, you want it to be an attractive, cohesive collection that really shows off your products.

Words by Holly Sutton

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