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Trending: How to Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed

Learn how to easily create a clickable, shoppable Instagram feed.

© Jonathan Daniel Pryce via Instagram

Shoppers always want more. And they definitely want to learn more about products before changing devices or tabs to make a purchase. So it’s no wonder Instagram introduced shoppable feeds earlier this year. This not only adds more value to the user experience; it also leads to more direct conversions for brands from Instagram.

1. Add a Link in Your Bio

The easiest way to direct customers to your webpage is a link in the bio. has a section on their website called 'The Style Social'. This is where shoppers can buy directly from images that customers have posted to their personal Instagram feeds, using the hashtag #MatchesFashion.

2. Include the Product Code Within Your Caption

Retailers such as Net-a-Porter do this really well. Not only do they utilise the link in their bio, they also include the code for each specific product they share within the caption.

So if a user wants to shop a particular product without scrolling through the whole Instagram feed, they can do so, simply by noting down the code.

3. Utilise 'Instagram Shopping'

Kate Spade New York and American retailer Macy’s are among brands testing the new 'Instagram Shopping' feature. The update allows brands to add product information and links to their photos, so users can shop images directly from their smartphones. The update is expected to roll-out to more businesses by the end of the year.

4. Consider Paid Tools

It's been said that a brand's Instagram feed is the modern equivalent of window shopping, which is why an increasing number of brands are relying on tools such as 'Like2Buy' to turn social media window-shoppers into bonafide customers. With 'Like2Buy', potential customers can read your brand's stories, browse your pictures and shop your Instagram feed on-the-go. In essence, tools such as this allow brands to add a link in their profile which directs followers to a shoppable page, where they can easily purchase featured items.

Words by Holly Sutton

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