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Add to Basket: Natalie's Favourite Things

This week, our Founding Director Natalie Hughes shares her favourite new-season pieces from across the world wide web.

Full disclosure: I am on a no-clothing kick for January, hence why I figured I'd shop vicariously through FashDigiDaily. Here are all of the goodies I've been voraciously pinning to my secret and terrifying 'Stuff to buy after January' board.

1. Maryam Nassir Zadeh Thelma Flats via Lisa Says Gah, £285

There's something enticingly nostalgic about all of Maryam Nassir Zadeh's shoes, particularly these girlish Mary Janes. Imagine them with patterned ankle socks and a midi dress. Just imagine.

The trouble with having a bunch of amazing brands as clients is that you end up with a very long wish list. This mesh triangle bra is perfect in both silhouette and hue, and frankly too dreamy to hide beneath opaque T-shirts.

I'd be happy to give a home to the entire Semaine x Sabine Getty collection. These lime socks are exactly what they profess to be - vraiment chic.

4. Miu Miu Bow-Embellished Skirt via NET-A-PORTER, £565

This tomato-red skirt would bring my aspirations of dressing like a Wes Anderson character that little bit closer to reality. 'nough said.

One of my favourite pastimes is perusing Etsy's vintage wares. I am a fan of deadstock '60s accessories, of which this seller (Candy Says Vintage) has plenty. My most recent pick-up was a couple of plastic chain belts.

6. Rockcakes Rainbow Ring via Etsy £489

I am particularly drawn to modern interpretations of classic jewellery pieces, be it an offbeat cameo necklace, slogan crystal hair slide or, in this case, a rainbow-encrusted signet ring. Crafted by Brighton jeweller Rockcakes, it's what I'd buy if I didn't have bills to pay.

Seeing as I'm online most of the time (comes with the job), this slogan bag would be an amusing everyday tote. Not laugh out loud funny, but you know.

We have lots of dreamy clients, Madeleine Thompson being one of them. Her rainbow-striped cashmere track pants are what travel outfit dreams are made of.

When the The Fashion Digital's Jess came into the office wearing this scarf, I immediately added it to my wish list. It is indeed bitchin'.

Camilla may be a dear friend of mine, but I can objectively say she makes the most sublime shoes, and my wardrobe is testament to that fact. I've always lusted after the signature Lover shoes, especially now that they come with a '60s-esque mid block heel. Gimme.

Words by Natalie Hughes

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