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Add to Basket: Valentine’s Picks 2018

This week, TFD's Jess Benjamin shares her top Valentine's Day picks for 2018.

Love is in the air. And thanks to St. Valentine, it will be in said air until 14th February 2018; whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’ve decided to get into the swing of things by picking my top 10 items for the occasion.

1. No Feelings Pillow via Lazy Oaf, £28

This one goes out to the Valentine’s haters. Decorate your bedroom not with rose petals, but with this sardonic cushion from the monarchs of wry statement pieces, Lazy Oaf.

2. Daisy Lace Triangle Bra via Les Girls Les Boys, £50

I feel like this bra answers all bra requirements; it’s delicate, it’s cute and it’s really comfortable. It’s the kind of bra that’s so pretty it feels like a shame to put a top on over it. Do wear a top though; it’s really cold out at this time of year.

3. Extreme Sleeve Mini Dress via ASOS, £58

Nothing says ‘I’m looking for love’ quite like some pink satin statement sleeves. The '80s vibe of this dress is perfect for going from date night to club night, or just if you’re feeling particularly fancy in the day.

And for the rest of us who have some admiration for Cupid and his romantic deeds, this print by designer Chris Douch is perfect for gifting to someone else, or just to yourself. Hang it on your wall to embrace the power of love all year long.

5. Chloé Heart Sunglasses via Net-A-Porter, £260

Relive the peak of your noughties style with these heart-shaped gradient sunglasses from Chloé. Great for both avoiding eye contact with people on the street, and actually protecting your eyes from the sun.

6. L’Amour Wallet via Miu Miu, £225

If date night is on you this Valentine’s, make sure you’re paying out of something stylish. This Miu Miu wallet is guaranteed to make even your frayed Caffè Nero loyalty card look glamorous.

7. Hiva Crepe Flared Jumpsuit via French Connection, £140

I’ve already planned to buy this as my go-to dressing up outfit of summer, but I feel like it’s also perfect for Valentine’s Day with its red hue and floaty shape. Top tip: wear this jumpsuit if you want to eat fourteen cupcakes and still feel totally comfortable.

8. Lazy Oaf x Betty Boop Kimono via Lazy Oaf, £75

The Betty Boop / Lazy Oaf collab is the store’s newest collection, and I am enjoying it greatly. This kimono is top of the list for me – I’m a sucker for a heart printed garment, especially around this time of year.

9. Cloud Paint via Glossier, £15

I know blushes are supposed to be all-natural around the season of love, but you know what they say: fake it ‘til you make it. Faking it has never looked so good with the Glossier range, and their cloud paint helps to achieve that ever-desirable ‘no make-up’ make-up look.

10. More Love Tote via Kikki.K, £9

Kikki.K has long been a favourite of mine, and their tote promoting LGBTQ+ rights makes them even more of a favourite. Emblazoned with messages of equality, this bag lets you show your support to the world and look good whilst doing it.

Words by Jess Benjamin

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