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Add to Basket: Bags That Fit Laptops

Jess Benjamin shares her top ten picks of laptop bags from around the web.

For a long time, I didn’t know the struggle of the laptop bag. My old backpack that was safety-pinned together suited my trips between home and the library just fine. Then I entered the world of work, and realised my six year old stained rag that I called a backpack didn’t look quite as chic or professional as I had hoped.

The search for the perfect laptop bag began. On my journey, I have encountered bags of all ilks; bags that break after two wears, bags that fit a laptop and not a single item more, and the worst kind: bags that leave bruises on your arm due to their unyielding metal straps.

So, here is my list of my top ten bags that fit laptops, here to save you from enduring the search that I struggled through.

You know what you’re getting with a Doc Martens backpack – like their shoes, it will be sturdy, effortlessly cool and indestructible. If you want a bag to last you until retirement, look no further.

2. Anya Hindmarch Rainy Day Tote via NET-A-PORTER, £495

Keep an eye (ha) on this tote for its signature Anya Hindmarch motif and bang-on-trend Perspex window. Be careful to only fill the bag with items that you wouldn’t mind your fellow tube passengers seeing, however; no grubby old tissues for this tote please.

3. See by Chloé Cactus Backpack via, £235

Arriba! This dusky pink backpack will take you from wandering round the streets of Mexico City to running down the platform of the Hammersmith & City line. Not as exotic, but still as sartorially adept.

Continuing the practical approach of Olive, the Gladstone backpack is designed with laptops in mind, even leaving space for a power cable. This Cheltenham-based brand really has thought of everything; luckily, the bag remains as stylish as it is practical.

I really can’t resist a compartmentalised bag, and this tote from Zara ticks all the boxes. The central compartment functions as a laptop sleeve by itself, leaving its sibling compartments open for business. For those of us who like to cover every eventuality with the contents of our bags, this is the one for us.

Want to blend in with every person wandering round the streets of Dalston? Here is the backpack that is the key identifier of the modern hipster, and with good reason. It comes in almost any colour combination you can think of, is hardwearing and, let’s face it, looks really cool. Don’t be deterred by its East London reputation.

This is a perfect summer laptop companion. Large enough to house a laptop, water bottle and the much-needed cooling facial mist, this canvas bag will keep you going whilst the rest of your friends are laptop-free on the beach in Cannes. Also, it has lobsters on it. Need I say more?

8. Gucci Printed Leather Backpack via NET-A-PORTER, £1,350

It’s loud. It’s bright. It’s most definitely Gucci. Printed with the classic ‘80s logo, you don’t need to look much further for a statement laptop bag.

9. Walker Bags Tote via Lisa Says Gah, $41

The Walker Bags Pink Tote is the kind of bag I would want to wear with a full face of Glossier make up, a midi dress and a copy of Cereal Magazine in hand. Basically, it’s effortlessly cool (although I would put effort into being that cool).

Finally, the cat-lady I know I truly am has broken out and had the final word on my top ten picks. I bet this bag is big enough to fit a laptop and at least one of my cats. If that doesn’t make you want to buy it, I don’t know what will.

Words by Jess Benjamin

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