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How to: Improve Your Brand's Instagram

Daniel Flay reveals how to maximise your social media engagement in five easy steps.

© Christian Vierig via Instagram

Crosspost the Best Content

Follow in the footsteps of Urban Outfitters and re-share top performing Instagram posts on Pinterest or Tumblr to increase their lifespan. There's no denying that Instagram boasts a certain level of viral-appeal, but it's platforms such as Pinterest that will ensure longevity and continued visibility for brands.

Rework Your Hashtag strategy

It's important to use a mix of low and high density hashtags on Instagram. Selecting the right hashtags will boost your reach, and in turn increase engagements. Typically, high-density Instagram hashtags can be difficult to rank for because a lot of people are using them. Target smaller and niche audiences by including low-density hashtags instead.

Establish a Consistent Aesthetic Tone

Devise a cohesive feed with a unique and recognisable aesthetic that reflects your brand and will attract new followers. When planning your feed, think about your core brand values, your tone of voice, and the audience that you're trying to reach - striking the balance between what people want to see and the imagery that you want to share is key.

Work with the Right Brand Partners and Influencers

Be selective about the influencers that you work with. Aligning yourself with influencers who share a similar aesthetic or philosophy to that of your brand will only strengthen your presence on Instagram. Opting for creative partnerships over gifting may also be a more impactful way of promoting your products on social media.

Be Selective About Content Curation

Never underestimate the importance of a carefully curated feed. Ensure that content resonates well with your target audience and complements your brand aesthetic. Content that is both aspirational and authentic tends to receive the highest levels of engagement. Identify what imagery followers respond to best and use this as a starting point when devising new content.

Words by Daniel Flay

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