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Add to Basket: The Most Instagrammable Festival Essentials

Jess Benjamin brings you her top ten festival picks for the best Instagram memories.

The modern-day festival is something that the head-bangers of the ‘80s would find unrecognisable. Even when you think you’re truly slumming it in your two-man tent, signs of camping luxury are still present – the inflatable roll mat, the portable charger, the tropical-scented dry shampoo.

Since the modern festival has transformed into a four-day parade of glitter, tassels and sequins, we bring you the essentials that will look the best on your Insta feed. From kira-kira worthy outfits to the beauty item that will give you that no-filter dewy glow, our top ten festival picks will give you picture-perfect memories.

In signature Glossier style, this rosewater face mist gives you a fresh-faced and natural glow with minimal (two sprays whilst lying in your sleeping bag kind of minimal) effort. It moisturizes, soothes and refreshes all in one, making your luggage just that little bit lighter.

2. Gucci Crystal Hair Slide via NET-A-PORTER, £315

Hair slides are back in a big way, and going for a statement slide is the only way to do them. Draw attention away from your dry-shampooed locks and towards this ‘80s inspired slide that graced the Gucci runway, elevating your festival look in just one accessory.

A bum bag doesn’t need to be Velcro and borrowed from your Dad (yes, I am referencing the bum bag I took to my first festival). This incredibly cute Lazy Oaf bag gives you the best of both worlds: your phone and purse are with you at all times, but you don’t look like you’re embarking upon a school geography trip. It’s everything you want in a festival bag.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that glitter is the most fundamental staple for any festival. Another truth is that glitter is actually pretty bad for the Earth. Here, we have bio glitter – 100% biodegradable and plastic free. Now you can do your bit for the planet and stay main-stage ready.

Sometimes a bum bag just isn’t enough. For days when it seems like you can’t leave your tent without sunscreen, water, a spare top and four packets of crisps, you don’t need to sacrifice your entire festival look. This bag solves your luggage problems whilst simultaneously providing the ideal kira-kira photo op.

Ok, I know these aren’t the most practical for the muddy depths of Glastonbury and you’re right, they aren’t. But give me better weather and solid ground and these sandals speak for themselves. When the sun is shining and the rest of your friends are stuck in their wellies, you’ll be thankful you look infinitely cooler than them.

… unless your friends are wearing these wellies. Then you’ll have slightly more competition. There’s a reason why Hunter has garnered a royal warrant for its footwear, and these pink boots will almost make you wish it were muddy every day of the year. Almost.

It’s a classic for a reason. This raincoat, whilst much more practical than the sandals, retains its stylishness to protect you from the elements. And let’s face it; the elements are pretty relentless in the UK. Take this along to achieve the perfect balance between staying dry and staying chic.

Don’t let festival fun hinder your hydration (a fun slogan for a t-shirt) – this water bottle won’t ruin your carefully planned outfit, but will keep your water supply strong and stable. Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’ (another slogan for you!)

No one is going to see your Instagram-perfected festival outfit without one vital tool - your phone. Keep it ready for action with this Nintendo-inspired charger from Skinny Dip. Its kitsch design alone is enough to make you

Words by Jess Benjamin

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