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Five to Follow: Vintage Inspiration Instagram Accounts

Jess Benjamin shares her top five throwback inspiration accounts.

© Mark Abrahams for Vogue Germany via Instagram

When you’re feeling nostalgic for the comforting flares of the ‘70s, the dizzying neons of the ‘80s and the ever-familiar brown lipstick of the ‘90s, Instagram is the place to turn to. We are no longer confined to looking at photos of our mothers and her friends from the past – instead, we can find vintage inspiration on our feeds, giving a helping hand when every trend these days seem to find its roots in the good old days (double denim again, anyone?)

Filled to the brim with inspiration to channel your inner retro Cher, these are our top five inspiration Insta accounts to assuage your longing for the fashion, beauty and attitude of days gone by.

The archivist account is what its name would suggest; its creator Laura Edwards sources her imagery from old hard drives, archives and vintage magazines that she has stumbled upon during her design career. The result? A carefully curated feed, spilling over with vintage inspiration all arranged by visually soothing themes. Everything you want in an Instagram account, really.

This account is the one to pay a visit if you’re lacking in a dose of ‘90s diva-ness. Created by fashion illustrator Anna Reinharz (@annaacelia), conde.nasty is a self-titled nostalgic collection of the best fashion icons from the past, with a particular emphasis on powerful women. Follow them to have your daily girl-boss goals provided for you.

This inspiration account bears the description ‘all things reminiscent of my Virgo mood’. If, by Virgo mood, the owner is referring to a need for perfection and order, I would say this mood fits the Insta-account well. Follow virgomood for a perfectly curated feed containing the best style icons of the last 40 years or so – from ‘00s Britney to ‘70s Dorothy Stratten, it covers every fashion mood you have (not just Virgo it seems).

An issue that is obvious with nostalgia for the icons of the past is that the past doesn’t tend to be very intersectional. Under-representation of BAME people is woefully apparent. Yet this account helps in making headway with that under-representation, with a collection of vintage inspiration photos that have a focus on people of colour. Expect Diana Ross, Betty Davis, Jaya Prada and Frida Kahlo in all their glory, making this account inspirational for more than just the style of the past.

This is the Instagram of Elegantly Papered, retailer of vintage fashion magazines. Their feed fulfils all of your editorial dreams, with the best magazine covers and spreads from the last century. My personal favourite? This 1967 ST Style feature, ft. catwoman and cat. Nothing says classic like a full-page feline spread.

Words by Jess Benjamin

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