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How to Make Pins More Searchable

Find out how to make your pins searchable on Pinterest.

According to figures released by Pinterest, its search function generates more than 2 billion queries every month, which means that content should be properly optimised in order to enhance its discoverability.

Below we reveal our top tips and pointers for boosting your brand's content on the platform...

Profile Audit

Choosing an SEO-friendly username is an essential part of setting up your profile. Your username will be included in your pages’s URL, so bear in mind what Pinners might be searching for. Ensuring that your profile's 'about you' section is optimised with SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly information and relevant, search-friendly terms is also key. This will make it a lot easier for people to find your profile both on Pinterest and via Google.

Perform Key Word Research

Before you think about optimising your pins, ensure that you carry out keyword research first. Rather than enlisting the help of a third-party tool, the best place to do this is on Pinterest itself. You can do this by making a note of the popular phrases that Pinterest auto-suggests in its search bar. There’s a lot of competition for general keywords, so the aim is to make your phrases as targeted as possible by focusing on the tail words at the end of each phrase.

Pin Descriptions

Once you've highlighted the keywords and phrases that your target audience are looking, add them as sentences to your pin descriptions. Your aim should be to use these terms sparsely and strategically to increase both your Google rankings, and make your pins easier to find. Enabling Rich Pins is also a great way to provide more information, boost content discovery and create a better experience for Pinterest users.

Board Optimisation

Optimise your boards with intelligent keywords to ensure that they can be found via the search. You'll need to consider both the title of your boards and their descriptions when setting up your Pinterest channel. Although board names such as 'Words' or 'Covet' are arguably more chic than 'Quotes' or 'Wishlist', they often will appear lower in the search rankings, so be mindful. When writing your board descriptions, ensure that key words are added to sentences, rather than a long list.

Increase Pin Quality

Pin quality is decided by the popularity of your pins. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can increase the quality of a pin. From writing compelling headlines to creating pin-worthy graphics, these factors will help to give your content an extra boost. When creating graphics, remember to choose imagery that takes up more space in the feed; longer pins tend to get more engagement and are more popular as a result.

Words by Daniel Flay

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