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Founder's Favourites: Spring '18

The Fashion Digital’s founder Natalie Hughes shares a few of her favourite (digital and IRL) things, from a must-download new app to an independent cinema showing ‘90s rom coms.

May is one of my favourite months in London, not least because it’s when I stubbornly retire my 60 denier tights (regardless of the weather) and start a frenzied search for the least-populated rooftop bars in the city. Despite a general sense of optimism, the pragmatist in me dictates that I limit sundress purchases in favour of spring-like accessories, and seek out indoor activities in case of (inevitable) showers, which leads me into my current seasonal to-buys, to-downloads and to-dos.

1. Huji Cam If, like me, you’re nostalgic for the days of who-knows-what-the-results-will be disposable cameras, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the Huji Cam app. Just point, shoot and wait for the ‘film’ to ‘develop’. The resulting photo is haphazardly framed with a ‘90s-style filter. Just like the good old days.

2. Shell Accessories I’ve been on a bit of a shell accessories kick, lately. It started with a vintage 1940s abalone-embellished bag, which spawned a whole list of Etsy favourites, including these Mother-of-Pearl earrings, some hair barrettes, and this card case.

3. Cherry Bag I have resisted the straw bag trend, but exceptions need to be made for this Monki bag because a) it fits all my everyday essentials, b) it’s only £20 and c) it's hella cute. Enough said.

4. Prince Charles Cinema This month is the month I finally buy a lifetime membership to Prince Charles Cinema. As the only independent cinema in central London, its listings include cult classics, recent releases and singalongs (plus a ton of anime). This June is teen movie season, which means I get to relive my youth by watching 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless on the big screen. Make sure you write a request on the chalkboard downstairs; they usually always honour them. I’m rooting for 2000’s Intern, the precursor to The Devil Wears Prada.

Words by Natalie Hughes

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