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Event: How to Build an Independent Fashion Brand

TFD founder and director Natalie Hughes is set to speak at an exciting new event in collaboration with The Bridge Co.

The Bridge Co. is holding ‘How to Build an Independent Fashion Brand’ on Saturday 26th May, to engage with and inspire the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. The objective is to spotlight the basics of building a successful brand, as well as giving emerging brands and graduates the tools to build their entrepreneurial future. The event will include talks, speed mentoring, a mini pop-up showroom and a fashion film showcase, as well as a five-point plan for how to build a brand.

Natalie will speak as part of a panel discussion on ‘How to Generate Hype and Awareness’, alongside PRs, editors, stylists and others to give the inside track on all things digital and fashion-related, and how to stand out in the fashion market today.

After the panel, Natalie will also take part in the speed mentoring, a one-on-one session for emerging attendees to speak to established fashion figures and influencers and gain advice on how to take the next step in their fashion careers.

Head over to The Bridge Co. to find out more about the event, or click here to get tickets.

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