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Founder's Favourites: Summer '18

It's that time again, when founder Natalie Hughes rounds up her seasonal faves. This season, expect an entrepreneurial podcast and London's best haircut, amongst other things.

The UK is in the midst of a heatwave, and yes, we haven't stopped going on about it, so why make an exception for this blog post? I'm relying on a heavy rotation of lightweight dresses and midi skirts - ideally of the silk or satin variety (still on that '90s train), and accessorising with oversized resin earrings and bangles. Oh, and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones I bought on a work trip to Athens last month, via which I'm usually listening to the Secret Leaders podcast. Read on for my other essentials of SS18.

1. Satin Skirts My love for bias-cut satin skirts started in 2007, with a Kate Moss for Topshop maxi that I still own and wear. Other versions I currently have my eye on include this scarlet style from Urban Outfitters and this lemon dream by Errortique.

2. Secret Leaders Podcast I love me an entrepreneurial podcast, and Secret Leaders is my latest find. What sets it apart is that the hosts are entrepreneurs too, so their questions are always insightful and often out-of-the-box. My favourite episodes so far are number three with Graham Hobson from Photobox, and seven, featuring Steve Bartlett from Social Chain.

3. Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up Exhibition I've long been a fan of Frida Kahlo's work, so a trip to the latest V&A exhibition was practically mandatory. It features many of the clothing and personal paraphernalia that was sealed up after her death by her husband, Diego. Heartbreaking but compelling in equal parts.

4. Resin Jewellery I love the '60s - from the clothing to the homeware (I live in a '60s house filled with mid-century furniture) - which is why this season's abundance of resin jewellery appeals to me so. I've been trawling Etsy as well as ASOS, where I happened upon these Mango beauties. Gimme.

I'm having a lot of good hair days lately, thanks to Fabz Raja, a freelance hair stylist who hosts appointments from The Social (which, by the way, is a plant-filled heaven). Previously part of the George Northwood team, he's a master in swishy, invisible layers and perfectly wavy tresses. Book an appointment via or 07753179845 (and tell him I sent you!).

Words by Natalie Hughes

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