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How to Fine Tune Your Instagram Profile

Our top tips for getting the most out of your Instagram experience.

© Alex Finch via Instagram

When it comes to setting up your Instagram profile, make sure you've covered the basics:

Profile Photo

Use your company logo as your profile photo so that users can easily identify your brand. Ensure your profile photo is consistent across platforms. Many brands change the colour scheme of their profile photo seasonally to coincide with certain holidays and events.

Account Name

Your account name should be your business name, and match your brand’s other social profiles. Not only is this common practice, it's also beneficial for SEO.


This should also be your business name. If your business name is already taken, try adding words such as 'official', 'collection' or 'london' to the end of your handle. If possible, try to avoid adding '.' or '_' to your username - this can sometimes hinder your searchability.


Most businesses either promote their website at the top of their page, or link to a blog post or offer. URLs can often be unsightly and take up an unnecessary amount of space; if this is the case, crunch your URL using Bitly.


Use this space to capture the attention of your followers. Whether you decide to describe what your business does, promote your latest campaign or showcase your brand's slogan, make sure to keep it brief.

Business Profile

Converting your account to an Instagram business profile is a smart move, especially if you're interested in ads, insights and Instagram Shopping - all of which are essential parts of growing your presence on the platform.

Words by Daniel Flay

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