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IRL: The Best Places to take OOTD Photos in London

Laura Khalil reveals the best places in London to take outfit of the day photos.

© Jam Stoker via Instagram

Finding the perfect backdrop for OOTDs is a lot harder than you might think. If your usual spot is starting to get a little repetitive, it’s time to switch things up and venture further afield. With so much choice in London, it can be tricky finding the perfect location. Below, we’ve listed some of the most Instagram-worthy spots to snap away in.


If casual posing, street art and bright lights is your style, head to busy, well-lit areas of London for the ideal backdrop.

  • Covent Garden

  • Anywhere in Notting Hill

  • Leadenhall Market

  • Chelsea Bridge

  • East London Side Streets

The Foodie

In an age where Instagram-worthy locations are paramount, the best spots to eat out in London are often the prettiest.

  • Peggy Porschen Cakes

  • Sketch

  • Dalloway Terrace

  • Elan Cafe

  • Aubaine

The Artist

Channel your inner artist and stop by one of these artsy locations.

  • Street art in Shoreditch and Camden Town

  • Gods Own Junkyard

  • Paper Mill Studios

  • The Tate

  • Newport Street Gallery

The Naturalist

Not only do these locations make for a nice break from city life they’re also the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post.

  • Isabella Plantation

  • Sky Garden

  • Barbican Conservatory

  • Kew Gardens

The Minimalist

If you’re trying to achieve a clean minimalist aesthetic, you’ll need to find a backdrop to match. Each of the following promises a sleek and contemporary setting for your OOTD post.

  • Coal Drops Yard

  • The Golden Lane Car Park, Barbican

  • The National Theatre

  • The Truman Brewery

Words by Laura Khalil

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