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Add To Basket: The Best Animation Apps for Instagram Stories

The Instagram Story is a powerful tool for many – from the individual user to the biggest brands. Make your Stories stand out from the crowd and come to life with these animation apps.

1. Over

For those looking for multiple functionalities and the ability to take their Stories to the next level with the touch of a button, Over offers an array of templates and features that allow you to create stunning visuals and personalise them to exactly what you need. Working in a team? The app allows for collaboration and instant feedback for maximum productivity, minus the fuss. Their content library is regularly updated so you never have to worry about feeling behind and having a lack of options – Over has got you covered!

2. Mojo

Make basic and bland video Stories a thing of the past and download Mojo, the video editing app with hundreds of templates ready to be edited and customised by you. Choose your animated template, make it your own with text and customisation tools, and share. Its simple set-up takes the stress out of Stories and makes animated content accessible for everyone to use.

InShot is the one-stop-shop for the Story maker that wants it all in one place. With this app, you can edit your videos to perfection, add music, voiceovers and sound effects, filters and even animated stickers and text to elevate your content. With the Full Function Timeline, you can make sure everything appears how you want and exactly when you want.

This Adobe app family includes apps that enable the user to create professional-looking content without having to enlist help from a professional. Spark Video allows you to edit and combine video into amazing Stories, with the option of adding animations, sounds and all the effects that you could need. Spark Post is perfect for those looking to great striking graphics for their socials and users even have the option of choosing from Adobe’s extensive collection of stock photos. An ideal starting point for the beginner looking for advanced results.

What’s better than animation in your stories? Stop motion animation in your stories. Lifelapse allows you to create beautiful and seamless stop motion videos without an advanced lesson in editing. Create Stories that grab attention and stay in the minds of your followers. Their clean and simple user interface ensures that whether you’re a video pro and just starting out, everyone can make and share these amazing videos. And just to be extra helpful – they’ve included short and quick tutorials for new users.

Words by Parris Walters


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