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Debunking Common Instagram Myths

True or false? We uncover some Instagram myths and rumours...

© Scott Schuman via Refinery 29

The Instagram algorithm may be shrouded in mystery, but don't let these common misconceptions fool you. From shadowbanning to penalising business profiles, we separate fact from fiction and break down rumours about how the algorithm and feed works...

My Profile is Being Shadowbanned 

MAYBE! There are conflicting reports about shadowbanning's existence, so we can't give you a definitive answer. That said, frequently using the same hashtags or liking too many posts isn't the best tactic for brands. We'd advise reading Instagram’s Community Guidelines to ensure your posts comply with the platform's standard procedure.  

Engaging With Someone’s Content Will Boost Visibility 

TRUE! Instagram will show you content from users that you've previously interacted with. Instagram is more likely to show your posts to someone who has frequently liked or commented on your content in the past.

Posts Achieve Higher Engagements at Weekends

FALSE! Performance not only depends on the quality of content that you're sharing but also on your audience's browsing habits. Understanding your audience and their historic interactions is the best way to create a posting schedule that works for you and your brand. 

Shorter Captions = Better Engagement

TRUE! The main focus of Instagram captions is to provide context to the image that you're sharing. You should be aiming for anything between 138 to 150 characters. The shorter the caption, the more likely users are to read it. 

Upgrading to a Business Profile Will Hurt Engagement

FALSE! If anything, having a Business Profile should help with engagement. Not only will you have access to in-depth analytics tools but you'll also be able to add links to Stories, and promote posts. These features should help you to be more strategic and create stronger content that drives better results.

Words by Daniel Flay


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