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Five to Follow: Fashion Satire Accounts

The must-follow accounts for your daily dose of cut-throat fashion commentary. Beware: they don’t hold back.

In the seemingly elite world of all things haute couture, satirical commentary via social media has become an essential component of the industry, reminding us just how much weight public opinion can hold. The rise of what we know as ‘fashion meme’ accounts has revolutionised the way we view

high fashion and given a sense of power to the humble fashion fanatic and social media user.

Some of the pioneers of this movement include accounts like ‘Diet Prada’, which in 2014, incorporated anonymity with the industry knowledge of its New York native founders to bring us Gossip Girl-esque commentary whilst challenging the industry we all know and love.

The outwardly humorous accounts we know and love for their witty banter, play on designer names and way of uniting fashion lovers everywhere are more important than we think – condensing news, trends and analysis into punchy captions and basically acting as the Batman and Robin in the Gotham City that is fashion.

Real fashion lovers drink Diet Prada! Perhaps the one of the first of its kind, Diet Prada set the precedent for fashion satire, allowing for meme culture to integrate and exist alongside what we would refer to as ‘high fashion/hf twitter’ (not exclusively for twitter). The subculture characterised by its intensity, snobbery and volatility has now been filtered for the masses and can be easily digested at a glance.

Pets…but make it fashion. What are the tell-tell signs of status and wealth? Property? Islands? Annual vacay in St. Barths? If 2000s reality tv has taught us anything, it’s that pets are privy to the same treatment that we give ourselves. Queue Petements, the brainchild of someone who said “Hey, can you imagine dogs dressed in streetwear?”. But wait, there’s more. Petements now have an e-store where you can purchase pieces for your pooch to ensure your dog looks better than the average hypebeast.

Describing themselves as an ‘anonymous beauty collective’ Estée Laundry keeps the beauty industry on its toes and asks all the hard questions so that we don’t have to. As an industry that is just as susceptible and reactive to shifts in trends and culture as fashion is, it is necessary for companies and those with influence to be held accountable. Cited as the beauty equivalent to Diet Prada, the account has capitalised on call-out culture and prioritised making the industry a safer and more inclusive place for all of us.

As infamously blunt fashion PR Kelly Cutrone once said, 'if you need to cry, go outside', or you could check out Stressed Out Stylist - an IG chronicling the rises and pitfalls of being a stylist - to turn your tears into laughter. The best thing about accounts like this is that they are relatable and remind us that someone out there feels exactly the same. Highly recommend for those days when you’re offset and need to remind yourself why you chose to become a stylist in the first place.

Here there is something for everyone - whether you work in fashion, aspire to work in fashion or dabble in it on the weekends. This page is the home of relatable and comical content, providing us with everything from memes to rip-off comparisons. A one-stop-shop for fashion satire.

Words by Parris Walters


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