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Five To Follow: Upcoming Fashion Photographers

With social media providing the perfect platform for fresh talent, Lauren Ashdown spotlights the fashion photographers to follow.

© Dan Simantov

When you’re feeling in need of some creative inspiration, Instagram is the place to turn to. With young talent taking the fashion industry by storm, social media is a key platform for fashion photographers to showcase their work. From editorial to street style, these are the emerging fashion photographers that you should follow...

Located in Los Angeles, Dan Simantov’s mission is to tell a story through a lens. His style is both experimental and editorial, whilst also encompassing and highlighting diversity. His curated Instagram feed is full of life, colour and emotion; the varied locations and models demonstrate his ability to install captivating narratives into his work. Our thoughts? We think he’s one to watch, his unique flair is evident and consistent throughout his work and we expect to see big things from him.

With a bold, graphic aesthetic, Daniel’s work has a dystopian, editorial feel. His incredible postproduction ensures that his work stands out. This account is one to pay a visit if to if you’re lacking some creative fuel. Having worked with influential luxury brands including Prada and Dazed, Daniel is already making waves in the industry. With a focus on colour, detail and digital effects, his curated feed is a masterclass in blurring the lines between photography and art. Be sure to follow for your regular dose of mind-blowing visuals.

Based in Paris, Emmie America is a Russian photographer with an eye for raw beauty and natural light. Her Instagram feed is a beautiful array of composition, angles and movement with an overall vintage aesthetic. With an ever-increasing body of work, Emmie has shot for Urban Outfitters, and Vogue Italia to name a few. Her distinctive style is full of life and emotion, and each shoot is built upon strong storylines, making scrolling through her Instagram feed a real treat.

Street style photographer to the fashion elite, Vincenzo Grillo has an eye for capturing key fashion moments in a natural, off-duty style. Based in Milan, Vincenzo has become a much-loved figure during fashion week and events, capturing the likes of Kaia Gerber, Kate Moss and Candice Swanepoel. His Instagram feed is a star-studded dream, highlighting some key fashion trends in a natural yet visually stunning way. With his vast array of work and subjects, Vincenzo’s work has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle, as well as being widely shared by the A-list subjects themselves. He’s worth a follow if you love to keep up with real-time fashion moments.

Sonia Szóstak was born in Poland and now lives in Paris. Her cinematic style of photography combines breathtaking visuals with a focus on raw beauty and emotive narratives. Her Instagram feed is editorial and intense, with a moody aesthetic. Her photographs have been displayed in numerous publications and exhibitions and she was recently nominated for the New Wave Creatives 2019 award at The Fashion Awards. Sonia is one to watch - with an ever-increasing social following and body of work, her distinctive and fashion-forward style is catching the eyes of some influential figures in the industry.

Words by Lauren Ashdown


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