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How Brands Use Carousel Posts Effectively

Discover why carousel posts should be included in every brand's social media strategy.

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Carousel posts allow users to combine up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. According to a report by Social Insider, carousel posts tend to generate a higher engagement rate vs. single frame image and video posts. This can be anywhere between 1.65% and 5.13%, depending on the audience size.

Brands are using carousel posts to tell visual stories, spotlight products and provide followers with a first-hand look inside events and activations. Below we've outlined the brands who are doing it well and have made some suggestions to help you maximise this feature for yourself.

UGC/Influencer Coverage

Carousel posts provide brands with multiple opportunities to showcase a product. Take inspiration from Marc Jacobs and spotlight an influencer wearing a head-to-toe look from multiple angles. Between 3-5 images per carousel is optimum to avoid content fatigue. The more users swipe, the more likely they are to see a brand's future posts. The best part is, if they initially swipe past the post, it will then be re-featured with the next image from the carousel as a means to engage them.

Event Coverage

Brands are using carousel posts to group content together as not to overload their followers and maintain the aesthetic integrity of their page. Prada has event coverage down to a fine art. During their legendary Prada Mode events, the brand hosts a series of parties, activations and shows, each stylishly categorised and featured on their profile. The brand segments carousels by a number of sub-categories including event spaces, celebrity guests, influencers, and runway shows. Always remember to start with a strong cover image and include equally powerful assets throughout the carousel to inspire users to continue swiping.

Different Angles

It's all about the angles. Online shoppers won't just add something to their basket at first glance. People wouldn't think twice about flicking between images of the back, front and side of a product or zooming in and out on their favourite website, so why should Instagram be any different? Through carousel posts, brands such as Common Projects focus on the details that make each product unique and hone in on the Instagram-worthy elements.

Press Coverage

Editorial coverage makes for an engaging carousel post, especially when there are multiple images to be shared. The Giambattista Valli Instagram account often features the cover of a publication along with the full-bleed image to target multiple followers within the same post.

Words by Dan Flay


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