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The Best-Dressed Dog on Instagram: @Boobie_Billie's Chicest Looks

All hail @Boobie_Billie - Instagram's newest fashion darling who happens to be a Prada-toting greyhuahua. We round up our favourite BB outfits.

If the non-happening of this year's Met Gala robbed you of hours of perusing best-dressed fashion round-ups, then fear not. @Boobie_Billie - unofficially known as the chicest dog on the internet - is serving enough looks for all of Wintour's self-isolating guests, and more. This week, we rounded up our favourite ensembles in obsessive detail.

Mario Testino's Towel Series now seems woefully incomplete; Boobie's sartorial mastery with a simple white towel is nothing short of spectacular.

From the delicate folds of the crisp, white towelling to the illusion mock-neck, Boobie proves that dishabille needn't be sloppy. And my God, does she know her angles.

Let this be your just-showered, haven't-had-time-to-get-dressed-for-the-zoom-meeting inspiration. Your boss should understand the reference.

If you're going to wallow in self-isolation blues, at least make a style statement of it.

Here, Boobie looks resplendent in all-cerulean blue, expertly creating textural interest with layers of ribbed wool and pillowy fleece.

This look would feel uncharacteristically casual if it weren't for the sleek, '90s-style sunglasses and of course, the matching Prada re-issue bag. The fact her shoulders are too petite to accommodate this nostalgic accessory makes it all the more fabulous. Shoulders are so AW19.

Boobie's knowing side glance suggests that if you don't understand this post's self-referential subtext, you don't deserve to be following her.

Only our Instagram muse would have had the genius notion of giving dogtooth print the meta relevance it deserves. Add to that a sold-out Poppy Lissiman ying yang bag and not one but two pairs of Balenciaga Speed sneakers and you'd be forgiven for thinking our gal's a hype beast.

(Don't you ever, ever call her a beast.)

Our pantless protagonist knows that seeing life through rose-coloured spectacles is so passé when you compare it to viewing the world through the vinyl rim of a pink, Prada bucket hat.

Part Elle Woods, part Floridian real estate agent, Boobie's references may be disparate but that's what makes them so fresh. Tempted to get into legal trouble just so I can have her as my solicitor.

Who needs trousers when you have such athletic legs?

Begin by finding a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Relax your muscles. Notice how your breath flows in and out. Notice any stray thoughts, but only dwell on these if they are Chanel-related. Inhale, imagine you are cloaked in this season's CC-emblazoned fluoro-green sweater. Exhale, manifest a matching balaclava and sneakers. As thoughts intrude, allow them to pass, and return your attention to Chanel. Meditation with Boobie is fun.

Words by Natalie Hughes


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