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The Digital Subscriptions Delivering Essentials To Your Door

Stuck inside? Look no further than these online businesses bringing essentials directly to your door.

By now, most people across the world are in self-isolation. You can't get out to the supermarket (even if you can, it's likely that the shelves are bare of all essentials), toilet paper is running low and you haven't even got the ingredients to make an omelette... sound familiar? That's where online subscriptions come in, from food box deliveries to laundry capsules through your letterbox, there really is a subscription suitable for every need.

Hello Fresh takes the pain out of travelling to every shop in the borough to try and find enough ingredients for a full meal. They have great veggie and vegan options, and 'rapid' recipes that take less than 20 minutes to create.

So how does it work? You sign up and choose your meals, and Hello Fresh sends the ingredients directly to your door. It's tailored for each person too - so whether you're cooking for one, or feeding the whole family, there's an option for everyone.

Nobody likes shopping for period products - that's a fact. It's boring and overpriced and you can guarantee they'll always be hidden at the furthest, darkest corner of the supermarket. ohne is here to change that.

Build your period kit for as little as £4.80 a month, select which products you require, the absorbency and how many you'd like and then Ohne will deliver to your door each month, so you never have to worry about having to do the "has anyone got a.... you know... a... tampon?" whisper again.

It's currently the most sought-after product in the whole world, no not the Prada Nylon Reissue bag... the humble toilet roll. You can't find it anywhere, and when you can, you're rationed to one pack per person while the person in front of you in the queue somehow manages to get away with putting 400 rolls in their trolley.

Who Gives A Crap takes the upheaval out of shopping for the most mundane of essentials, delivering rolls to your door wrapped in fun, exciting, and most importantly, eco-friendly packaging. Made from forest-friendly bamboo (no trees are harmed in their production process) they also donate 50% off all profits to creating toilets in places that really need them.

Smol Products take laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets and make them exciting (yes, really). Arriving through your letterbox as often as you'd like, their laundry pods are available in both bio and non-bio and have none of the usual plastic packaging you'd find in the shop. Just let them know how many pods you would usually use in a wash and how often you put a wash on every week and they'll calculate how often you need to restock.

They also do a no-strings-attached free trial where you get nine capsules to try at home before deciding if you want to subscribe. Ethically-sourced laundry products costing less than a tenner? Sign us up.

It depends on who you ask as to whether or not books are deemed an 'essential' item. They often get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list as they compete with the latest Netflix drama.

What better time than now, to start getting your head down and into a good book? For a monthly fee of less than £13, Reposed will send you everything you need for a relaxing night in - think tea, chocolate, skincare and of course... a good book.

Words by Ruby Naldrett


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