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Instagram Upgrades Ad Offering

Instagram ads are set to get a whole lot more interactive.

The photo-sharing app is enhancing its ad experience by changing how promotions appear in user's feeds.

As part of the update, call to actions underneath photos and videos will automatically change colour when user's tap on the name of the profile or hover over an ad for an extended period of time.

The upgraded call to action buttons will also reveal key information about featured products, such as price, and destination URLs. Instagram is hoping that its latest format tweak will make it easier for users to shop as they scroll and complete purchases directly from the app.

The new update will also redirect users who unmute video ads directly to an advertiser's website, while the video continues to play at the top of the screen.

These updates will be rolling out in the next few months. So watch this space.

Words: Dan Flay

Image via Snapchat

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