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Trending: Snapchat Vs Instagram Stories

Which side are you on?

It's one of the toughest decisions that you'll have to make as a social media editor; should you focus your time on sharing updates to your Snapchat or Instagram Story? There's no denying that both platforms not only share the same name but some very similar features too, but which one is best for brands?

Although Instagram Stories may be the new kid on the block, many brands and influencers already have a strong presence on this platform, which is why users like US Vogue and Christian Louboutin have seamlessly managed to incorporate Stories into their social media strategy.


There's also the issue of usability to think of, Snapchat has long come under fire for its unconventional and sometimes confusing interface, which although has proven popular with millennial users has deterred older generations from embracing the urge to snap.


The main advantage that Snapchat does have over Instagram is its wealth of fun filters and geotags - a key revenue stream and huge user draw for the platform. Having taken a lot of inspiration from Snapchat in the past, Instagram will no doubt be launching something very similar in the near future.

Editing & Image Tools

When it comes to doodles, Instagram also has the upper hand here too. It currently boasts three different pen tools including regular, marker and neon, with colour options neatly laid out side by side. Despite having less colour options than its rival, Instagram's doodle feature is a lot less time consuming than Snapchat's slider tool.

Sharing Old Photos

Both platforms also allow users to share old photos and videos to their stories. However Instagram users can only share media from the last 24 hours. To override this users can simply screenshot images to alter the timestamp, but there's currently no way to upload old videos. Snapchat users on the other hand can share anything that's been saved to their Memories - the only down side is the white trim that appears around the edge of posts to signify that it's old content.

And the Winner Is...

In both cases, it's clear to see that Snapchat and Instagram Stories bear a striking resemblance to one another but it's Instagram's sleeker, cleaner design that gives it a clear advantage over its social media rival.

That said, both platforms could benefit from dedicated Story analytics tools to help brands understand their audiences better and strategise.

Words by Dan Flay

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