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Trending: Social Media Resolutions

These are the five New Year’s resolutions every social media editor should make.

2017 is nearly here, and we already have high hopes for the year ahead – but forget about crazy health kicks and finding true love, we're more excited about having fresh start on social media. If you want to make some goals that you'll actually stick to in 2017. Here are five social media resolutions to keep in mind...

1.Refresh Your Feed

Give your Instagram a complete overhaul. New year, new feed. Now is the perfect time to debut a new colour scheme, play around with themes and switch up what you share.

2. Follow & Unfollow

Save your fingers from hours of unnecessary scrolling by unfollowing any uninspiring online connections. Replacing them with exciting new accounts is a sure fire way to freshen up your feed.

3. Plan Your Posts

Before you post another shot of your morning coffee to Instagram, ask yourself: would I like this post? Does it fit with the rest of my feed? And have I posted anything like it before? Plan posts with a scheduling tool such as Planoly or Later to lay out your feed before posting.

4. Limit your Instagram Stories

Don't post more than five stories a day. Unless you've had one too many cocktails or you're live-gramming an event, there's really no excuse for a ridiculously story long.

5. Take a Break

We love social media but it's easy to get obsessed. Try to give yourself a little time each day where you don't check your phone at all.

Words: Dan Flay

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