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SXSW 2019 - Vote for TFD Founder Natalie Hughes

Vote for Natalie Hughes's SXSW panel on The Emancipation of the Clothes Horse and the significance of the body within the landscape of social media.

'Social media has served to democratise fashion, thanks to direct-to-consumer selling and influencer marketing. As a result, there is new power in self-representation, and both traditional ads and the models in them, have changed - for the better. This keynote explores the concept of the body as an art form as it appears in fashion’s digital media, from Heist’s provocative eschewing of the human model for pieces of fruit, to Glossier’s Body Hero campaign and its distinctly modern and refreshingly diverse nude portraits. It examines self-representation in the digital landscape, and the changing roles of subject and object in an industry not always known for its progressiveness.'

Vote to see Natalie at SXSW and read more about her panel here. Voting closes on 30th August 2018.

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