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3D Selfies & The Future of Social Media

What do 3D selfie apps like Seene mean for the future of social?

Snapchat made headlines earlier this year when it acquired 3D face-scanning app, Seene. The social media app is reportedly releasing an update which will include a realistic face-swapping feature, as well as a new 3D photo format. Which begs the question, are traditional selfies are set to become a thing of the past?

3D photo apps like Seene aren’t a new concept but it’s the first time that technology like this will be integrated into a mainstream social media site. The Seene app lets you create and share photos in lifelike 3D, using your iPhone camera. The app uses image, depth and movement to create detailed videos and GIFS – giving the perception of a three-dimensional image, rather than capturing one.

Due to the nature of platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter there’s an ongoing need for social media sites to create dynamic new features, which will keep users engaged and sharing fresh unique content. Given the popularity of Snapchat’s ‘lens’ feature, 3D selfies would sit perfectly alongside its current offering and optimise the app for future advertising opportunities.

Facebook recently launched a 360-degree photo option in a bid to make its news feed a more immersive experience, but Snapchat would be ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing 3D technology. This bold move could set the social media app up as a key player in this emerging market for years to come.

Ultimately, app-generated 3D content can only go so far. It will be down to technology firms, such as Apple and Samsung, to integrate 3D photo capture capabilities into their handsets. Watch this space.

Words by Dan Flay

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