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Sephora Joins Forces With Tinder

Sephora is introducing a new Tinder-like interface.

The aim is to make finding new products fun and easy — shoppers will be able to swipe left to pass, or right to buy from

"We're completely focused on making shopping more efficient, intelligent and fun for our clients," said Julie Bornstein, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for Sephora.

"Swipe It. Shop It" will launch this autumn and will feature on both the brand's mobile site and app.

Alongside new season products like metallic eyeshadow, false eye lashes, and neutral lip stains, customers will also be able to swipe right on video tutorials and beauty tips - all of which can be easily saved for future use.

As part of the campaign, Sephora will also become the first beauty brand to advertise on Tinder. The brand will use a polling feature that encourages users to answer questions in return for free samples.

"When we started this, we didn't anticipate that we would be actually advertising in Tinder," enthused Deborah Yeh, svp of marketing and brand at Sephora.. "It had been a form of inspiration, but as we spent more time talking about it, Tinder itself became a potential place to market."

If Sephora's latest advertising initiative proves a success, many more brands could follow suit and turn to swipe and shop inspired platforms in order to boost browsing time, increase their mobile sales and reach the coveted millennial market. So watch this space.

Words: Dan Flay

Images via Sephora

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