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Brands Can Now Create Their Own Twitter Stickers

Twitter is letting advertisers sponsor and create their own branded stickers.

Following an overhaul of its photo editing tools earlier this year, Twitter users have been busy customising their photos with an array of props, emojis and accessories.

Once a photo with stickers has been tweeted, the photo then becomes searchable in a new, visual take on the hashtag.

Advertisers can choose to purchase either four or eight branded stickers at a time, all of which will appear in the 'featured' section of the stickers tab.

The new ad format is seen as Twitter's spin on branded photo tools. The micro-blogging site has no doubt been inspired by the popularity of Snapchat's sponsored filters and lenses. Snapchat is a prime example of a social network that has successfully managed to create branded content that is both shareable and engaging.

Pepsi is the first brand to embrace this new ad native but we're holding out for Gucci loafers, Chanel sunglasses and some cute Fendi Monster inspired accessories.

Words: Dan Flay

Image via Ad Week

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