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Coming Soon: Longer Tweets

The Twitter character count is changing.

In a bid to attract more users to the micro-blogging site, photos, videos, GIFs and quote tweets will no longer have an impact on Twitter's 140-character limit.

Currently attachments add an extra 24 characters to the length of a tweet, which up until now was a huge inconvenience for social media editors and brands alike.

As part of the new update - which launches on September 19th - tweets that start with a username will now automatically appear in your followers' timelines, meaning that you no longer have to type ".@username" at the start of each new tweet.

Twitter's revamp comes just one week after it announced that it was including read receipts at the bottom of its direct messages. The latest developments are part of a strategy to "take a great product and make it even greater".

In order to increase growth and boost sales, an increasing number of social media platforms are taking user feedback into consideration and adapting their products accordingly to improve user experience.

Words: Dan Flay

Image via Glamour

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