FashDigiDigest #1

This week, Style.com took to Instagram to tease its upcoming relaunch and Snapchat debuted 'Memories'.

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Each week we'll be bringing you a carefully curated selection of our favourite stories from the world of fashion and social media.

Here's a short and sweet snapshot of the most popular and inspiring stories from the passing week; including Twitter's new verification guidelines, the rise of square-shaped videos and how retailers can cash in on Pokemon Go.

Twitter just made it a lot easier to get verified


Comment Counts: Retailers Should Look To Pokémon Go For Location Marketing Inspiration


How brands marked #WorldEmojiDay on Twitter


Snapchat wants to show you ads based on what's in your images


Imagining The Virtual Future: What Connected Clothing Might Do For Us


Style.com teases upcoming relaunch on Instagram


Instagram Is Inspiring Marketers to Make Square-Shaped Videos for Facebook


How to use Snapchat Memories


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Words by Dan Flay

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