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Instagram Stories: The Vogue Effect

Everyone's talking about Instagram Stories.

But how should fashion brands and magazines approach this new medium? Those exploring ways to create the perfect story ought to take the lead of US Vogue, who published an Instagram Story to rival all Instagram Stories.

The revered fashion magazine recruited the help of Alessandra Ambrosia, Lucky Blue Smith, and Suki Waterhouse to extend the Vogue narrative beyond Conde Nast’s HQ, and capture the ‘miss it and miss out’ style of content that millennial audiences have become accustomed to.

This painstakingly executed Story proved that stakes are high - blurry photos and shaky videos simply won’t quite cut it - and that fashion companies need to have a strong content strategy in order to keep audiences coming back for more. Moreover, the need to recruit influencers on the platform will likely increase, as brands clamour to engage a large audience and offer content with added value.

After a successful first Story, it will be interesting to see where US Vogue takes its social media strategy next. One thing’s for sure, we'll be watching!

Words: Dan Flay

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